Isotretinoin Month 4

Four months ago I started Isotretinoin treatment which is a drug dermatologists prescribe to people who have severe acne. I wrote a blog post two months ago all about Isotretinoin and the benefits and side effects which come along with it. I thought I would write an update about my skin every two months to give people who suffer from acne and are thinking about taking Isotretinoin some insight into how the drug works. I also want to document my experience on the drug so I can look back and see the progress my skin has made over the months

When I first started taking Isotretinoin I was taking 30mg per day because this is the amount the doctor decided was suitable after weighing me. During month 2 my doctor and I decided I would go up a dosage and start taking 40mg per day. Last month (month 3) I went down to taking 30mg a day and this month (month 4) I have continued to take 30mg per day. I decided to go down a dosage because when I was taking 40mg I was feeling sick almost everyday, my lips were extremely sore and my skin was very dry and was blistering, especially on my hands, arms and shoulders. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy half the things I could before I was on the drug because I was extremely exhausted all the  time.  Since going back down to 30mg I have been feeling a lot better and a lot more like myself so being on a 30mg dosage is the best option for me. I still experience negative side effects even though I am taking a lower dose but the side effects are nowhere near as bad as they were two months ago when I was taking 10mg more per day.

Everybody is prescribed a different dosage depending on their weight and obviously everybody will react differently to Isotretinoin and will experience different side effects. Below are the different side effects I have experienced on 40mg compared to 30mg.

                Month 2 (40mg)                       Month 4 (30mg) 

     Sore and dry lips which bleed regularly         Slightly dry lips
     Dry eyes                                        Dry eyes 
     Extremely exhausted all the time                Dry inside of nose 
     Blistered hands and dry skin                    Dry skin 
     Feeling sick 
     Weak body 
     Aching joints 
     Loss of appetite 

If you are able to cope on a higher dosage then that is great because you won’t have to be on the drug for so long. However, I have decided I am going to continue taking 30mg per day because I cope a lot better on that dosage.

If you want more information about Isotretinoin and my experience on the drug then read my last blog post:

Month 2
Month 4

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