Adventure Time – Switzerland

I travel to Switzerland on a monthly basis to visit my boyfriend who I met during 2015 when I worked there as an Au pair for a Swiss French family and attended school for French. I have probably visited Switzerland over 30 times in the last three and a half years and I have travelled all over the country visiting the main cities and towns, lakes, mountains and popular attractions. I have seen more of Switzerland than I have of Scotland which is the country I live in. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to visit such an astonishingly beautiful place so often and to be able to call it my second home.

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for three years and I thought I would write a blog post about our visit last week. My boyfriend and I usually visit from Thursday to Friday because then we have a long weekend together. We always go out for dinner and drinks at least once, spent two evenings at home, visit somewhere exciting and relax together. IMG_9924.jpgI flew to Zurich last week on Thursday the 10th and my boyfriend picked me up at the airport and we drove to his home which is on the outskirts of Bern. We usually spend our first evening together talking about everything we have been up to recently because we only get to visit each other once a month. Our first evening together is always my favourite, we have long conversations, laugh together and appreciate one another for the first time after a month apart.

On Friday the 11th my boyfriend and I drove to Blausee, which when translated into English means Blue Lake. I was really keen to visit Blausee which is located in Kander valley because I had seen amazing photos of it on Instagram. When we arrived I was amazed by how beautifully clear the water was, I was able to see all the fish swimming about. We walked around the lake a couple of times as it is only small and then ate some lunch in the restaurant which sits next to the lake. Although I have spent so much time in Switzerland, every time I visit I still manage to discover new places which are even more beautiful than the previous places I have visited. After a few hours at the lake a lot of tourists arrived and it got extremely busy so we headed home and went out that evening in Bern with some friends.IMG_0006

The following day, Saturday the 12th, my boyfriend and I drove into Bern to attend an event the city was hosting. It was sort of like a large farmers market with various food stands, animals and tents with different activities and products for sale. We met some friends for lunch at the event and then strolled around looking at everything for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Saturday was a really hot day so after a while we headed home because we couldn’t bare walking around in the sun for any longer. That evening was our final night together so we had a lovely BBQ in the garden and then watched a film. We were both feeling very emotional during Saturday evening because just as we had got used to each other again, we were to be separated. That is the hardest thing about being in a long distance relationship, connecting with your partner and then suddenly being separated. Essentially you re-fall in love and are extremely happy only to then get your heart broken just a few days later.

On Sunday the 13th my boyfriend drove me to Zurich airport and I flew back to Scotland feeling very sorry for myself. The feeling I have whenever I leave Switzerland is the worst feeling in the world, I have to go home but all I want to do it stay.


Whenever I meet someone new they think I have the most incredible life because I get to travel to a different country frequently and have new experiences. Although that is incredible, I don’t get to see the person I love the most and that is extremely difficult and has been for the last three years. The time my boyfriend and I get to spend together is so special and we cherish every single moment.

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