I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours like black, white and grey. Recently I thought I would spice up my wardrobe and buy some colourful clothes for Spring and Summer. I went shopping and chose a variety of different coloured items. I usually buy clothes from Misguided, River Island, Boohoo and Topshop because I like the style of the clothes these retailers make, they have student discounts and they are not too pricey. I thought I would share the pink items I purchased which have brought some colour to my very bland and boring wardrobe.

The first item is a baby pink bomber jacket from Misguided which I am OBSESSED with! Bomber jackets are extremely popular so I decided to splash the cash and join the bomber trend. I live in the city and everyday I spot at least 15 people wearing blue, red, black and green bomber jackets. I wanted to be a bit different so I decided to buy a pink one which is a colour of bomber jacket I haven’t seen anyone else wearing. When I first put on my pink bomber I felt like a giant marshmallow. It was really puffy but after wearing it a few times it lost some of its puffiness and it has started to look more normal. I love the colour and style of the jacket and it is suitable for both Winter and Summer. In Winter it can be worn with a hoodie and in Summer zipped open with a bandeau underneath. IMG_8544.jpg

The second pink item is a corduroy skirt from Boohoo. This skirt is a beautiful shade of pink and it has a line of silver buttons on the front which fasten the skirt together. It is a good length which makes it suitable for both day-time and evening wear. I usually wear this skirt with a loose white or black top tucked in or a crop top, sparkly shoes and either a denim or leather jacket. The skirt is very comfortable and it goes well with a lot of items I already have in my wardrobe. This skirt cost around £15 which is good value for money. I wear this skirt regularly and it is in perfect condition.


The third item is a cropped pink top with a white-collar. I actually bought this top when I was on holiday in Italy last Summer from a shop called Subdued. I saw it in the shop window and loved the style and colour. I am happy I decided to purchase this item because I wore it so much last year and now the weather is starting to warm up this year, I can wear it again. The only disadvantage of this top is that it is a loose fit and cropped which makes it hard to wear with low rise jeans or certain skirts and shorts because it is hard to tuck in and looks funny because of the fit. However, it goes nicely with high-waisted jeans because the bottom of the top meets the top of the jeans. I usually wear it with high wasted mom jeans, black converse and a black leather jacket.


The fourth pink item of clothing, which is the most recent item I have bought, is a hot pink denim jacket from Boohoo. Pink denim jackets are in style at the moment and Boohoo are selling a wide range of denim jackets which are all different shades of pink. I chose a hot pink jacket because I loved how bright it was and I haven’t seen anyone else in town wearing anything similar. If you want a jacket for warmer weather and you want to stand out and be noticed, this is the jacket for you! This jacket cost £25 and is perfect for Summer because the denim is very thin but you could wear a hoodie underneath if you want to wear it in colder weather. I usually buy jackets in a size 8 but I ordered this jacket in a size 10 because I wanted it to be a bit too big. However it fits me perfectly.  I would recommend buying 1 or 2 sizes up from your usual size if you decide to buy this jacket. I am really excited to wear this in Summer with shorts, crop tops and flip-flops. IMG_8253.jpg


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